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I’m participating in Star Wars ComLINKS, a Star Wars themed monthly link up. This month’s topic is: Princess Leia.

Since I am quite a Star Wars fan (understatement of the year, I know.), I am constantly surrounded by Star Wars items. I love collecting anything and everything Star Wars! While I don’t specifically collect Princess Leia (I do have ever-growing collections of R2D2, BB-8, and the Death Star.), a casual glance though my home revealed that I have a small Leia collection. I decided to gather most of it together and showcase it here today.

The first Leia thing I found was actually my son’s Play-Doh container – random, I know! Nathan actually has two really neat Star Wars Play-Doh sets (this and that if you’re curious.), which he loves to play with. It just goes to show that Star Wars really is everywhere!

In my kitchen I have this beautiful piece of art from the Special Edition of A New Hope. I admire it daily.

The rest of the Leia-themed items are pictured below; including my Loungefly bag & wallet, Funko figures, Vinylmations, Boushh Leia Patch from Smuggler’s Bounty, the original trilogy VHS set, books, and a collectible doll.

It is worth noting that a few of these collectibles were given to me by friends and family who were paring down their own collections (specifically, the VHS set, The Courtship of Princess Leia book, and collectible doll.). I collected the rest of the items (or were given them by my husband). I still haven’t been able to bring myself to read The Princess Diarist yet, but will probably start it in the next few months.

The collectible doll is really quite special. She is part of Hasbro’s Portrait Edition line from 1999 (I was also given two Padme Amidala Portrait Edition dolls featuring The Red Senate Gown, and Black Travel Gown.).

The Funko and Vinylmation figures can often be seen in the background of my husband’s videos, which he posts to youtube and/or his social media accounts. I have fun changing up the background from time to time and adding new Pop! figures at least every other month from my Smuggler’s Bounty subscription.

I use my Loungefly bag & wallet on a daily basis and always get compliments on them. I’m so sad that Loungefly no longer sells that particular print, but they do have an impressive listing of other Star Wars themed products.

When it comes to displaying my Star Wars collections I usually group them together by brand instead of character, so when I decided to gather my Leia collectibles I really had no idea how many (or few) I would have. This has been an enjoyable experience and I think I’m going to repeat it with a different character and/or focus. I certainly could start focusing on collecting more Leia items as I was rather surprised by how few I have.

Do you have a Star Wars collection? If so, do you mainly tend to collect by brand or character? I always love seeing other people’s collections, comment with a link to your collection if you have one!

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