Troop Report: San Diego Gulls Star Wars Night – 2017

Another troop for a sporting event! Since I had so much fun at the Padres Baseball troop I was quick to sign up for the Gulls Hockey troop (even though I know nothing about hockey). Along with Rebel Legion, Mando Mercs, and the R2 Builders, we had a great turnout of costumers. Our first activity was to hang out/take photos before the game as fans were tailgating in the parking lot. Since it was Star Wars night, several fans were also in costume in anticipation for the costume contest that was to take place later in the evening. We took photos with many fans then made our way inside for the start of the game.

Several of our costumers were present for the ceremonial puck drop, while others of us were requested at a secondary location. I think I made it on the jumbotron (is it called that for hockey games?) at least 4 times; it was surreal and I wasn’t sure what to do other than smile and wave. We were allowed to go onto the ice twice during the evening, once to toss swag to the fans, and later to judge/observe the costume contest – apparently we even made it onto the local news!

Overall, it was a fun night with lots of photos taken with excited hockey fans. I’ve enjoyed both of the troops I’ve done at sporting events and look forward to doing many more in the future!

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