’tis the Season of Giving

A few months ago one of my Twitter friends, @ImperialTalker, shared that he was going to give away Star Wars toys. He posted photos of the toys and teased an upcoming blog post which did not disappoint. As it turns out, he wasn’t giving away toys on his blog, he was buying Star Wars toys to donate to children in need. His post shared about how easy it was to purchase toys to donate (you can even buy them on clearance – no judgement!), and he challenged his readers to join him in donating.

That post immediately struck a chord with me and I went out and starting purchasing toys to donate. Over the past few months I’ve had fun adding to my little collection and I’m so excited to give the toys away! Of course it doesn’t have to be Star Wars toys, but as a fan I always want to share my fandom and spread the love and this is great way to that. Now I’m challenging you to join us in what has been dubbed the #TalkerToyChallenge. Why not pick up an extra toy or two while you’re out shopping for gifts? The amount of joy you will bring with that donated toy is surely worth the extra couple dollars.

If finances are tough (as they often can be), consider donating your time instead. I recently volunteered with my church at the Ronald McDonald House to make a meal for families of sick children. It only took a couple hours out of my day and it was touching to see how such a simple thing for me could make a difference in the lives of others. There are a vast number of charities who would gladly welcome additional volunteers so you just need to pick your cause.

One of the things that drew me to The 501st Legion is the fact that a large part of what they do is charity work. If you want to mix your fandom with charity The 501st might be the perfect place for you.

Whatever way you choose to give back just know that it will positively impact the lives of others. I would also hope that you would encourage your friends and family to join you in your efforts.

In the spirit of giving I do want to give away something to one of you. I have an exclusive Funko Pop! Red Stormtrooper that was only available to Target REDcard holders. To enter the giveaway you must have a U.S. postal address. The winner will be chosen on Sunday and notified by email.

Update: The giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Jeff!

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