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Last year, I did a post in conjunction with Star Wars ComLINKS about which new character from Rogue One I was most excited to see on the silver screen. Since we are on the verge of a new Star Wars film being released I thought I would revisit that topic and talk about which new character from The Last Jedi I am most excited about.

Unlike Rogue One, The Last Jedi isn’t as plentiful when it comes to new characters, rather, it heavily relies on characters we know and (hopefully) love. There are however a handful of new characters who have been announced including Vice Admiral Holdo, Paige Tico, Rose Tico, DJ, BB-9E, Praetorian guards, and, of course, all the porgs.

I’m definitely intrigued by Vice Admiral Holdo, and like many of you I think the porgs are adorable, but the character I’m most excited about is Rose Tico.

At first I wasn’t that interested in Rose, she seemed like a side character to keep Finn company and I’m fairly apathetic when it comes to Finn (sorry!). It was actually Kelly Marie Tran who got me interested in her character, because the more I saw press about the actress the more endearing she became. I always enjoy reading/watching interviews with the cast and seeing them geek out about getting to be part of the Star Wars universe, especially the newcomers. Knowing that John Boyega was a big Star Wars fan before getting cast made him super relatable and it was such fun to see him fanboying about being in Star Wars. For Kelly Marie Tran that wasn’t the case, she hadn’t even seen a Star Wars film before being cast in The Last Jedi.

Star Wars has been around for 40 years now and has made a significant impact on both filmmaking and pop culture; you don’t have to be a fan to know about Star Wars and see the influence it has. It took me by surprise that Kelly hadn’t seen the films, especially since she is an actress (I took film classes years ago and Star Wars was constantly referred to as an example for classic filmmaking.). Once I got over the shock that Ms. Tran hadn’t seen Star Wars I was able to enjoy watching her discover the Star Wars universe and join us as a new fan.

Obviously a fan now, it is fun to see her make up for lost time and fangirl about all things Star Wars. My favorite moment was when she posted a video of her and a friend in homemade porg costumes! She recently started posting on social media and her posts are so refreshing real. She’s not afraid to be honest and she often shares about how crazy her life has become because of The Last Jedi, and the film isn’t even out yet!

Getting a snapshot of who Kelly Marie Tran is has me excited to see her character in The Last Jedi! If Rose is even half as awesome as Ms. Tran is than I know I will love her.

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