Troop Report: TLJ Opening Weekend

Opening weekend for The Last Jedi was exciting, and just a touch exhausting! I took part in three troops within three days and ended up seeing the film twice.

Thursday night was opening night and we (The Imperial Sands Garrison of The 501st Legion) were invited to a private party at one of the larger movie theaters in San Diego. The event was filled with families with young children, so it was extra fun to interact with all the kids. We had about 10 troopers so we spread out to create several photo/meet & greet locations. Afterward, we were invited to watch the film with everyone. It was thrilling to see the film for the first time with such an excited audience: they laughed, cried, gasped, and applauded during the film – it really enriched the whole experience!

The following two troops were both at Cinèpolis theaters. Those were much smaller troops as there were only 3 or 4 of us at each location (multiple theaters had requested our presence so we spread out and had a only few troopers stationed at each location). Friday night was nice and busy with lots of people out to see The Last Jedi. Saturday night was slower but still enjoyable, after all any day spent in the company of Star Wars characters is a pretty good day in my book.

I was pretty tired after three days of events, but it sure was a memorable way to commemorate the release of a new Star Wars film. I’m already looking forward to the release of Solo in May of 2018!

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