Troop Report: Unforgettable Prom

One thing that always amazes me is how impactful Star Wars is and the reach that it has. Whenever I check in on my local 501st Garrison I find a wide variety of events that our garrison has been requested to attend. One event that I was especially excited to attend was the 12th Annual Unforgettable Prom.

Put on by the Friends of Scott Foundation, The Unforgettable Prom is a night out for teens who have or had cancer to take a break from their illness and go to prom with their friends. This year’s theme was “Reach for the Stars.” The San Diego Natural History Museum was transformed into a starry wonderland, complete with characters from a certain galaxy far, far away.

I was humbled to be able to have a part in this memorable night, and I wasn’t alone. There were more sponsors for this event than I could keep track of! So many organizations and small businesses, not to mention notable figures (but more on that later), shared their time and resources to give these teens the most incredible night to remember.

After being properly pampered by teams of glam squads, and, being given a selection of outfits to wear, the teens and their guests arrived at the prom by limo and had their names announced upon their arrival. Greeting them and cheering them on as they stepped out of the limos were family, friends, well-wishers, news crews, Star Wars characters (us!), NFL players, and one the newest stars of Star Wars: Kelly Marie Tran!

I was beside myself with excitement when I realized that Kelly was going to be there! I’m a fan of hers, and I especially appreciate the positivity she brings to the fandom, in spite of criticism from certain “fans.” I totally fangirled and was super excited the entire night.

The prom itself was mind-blowing! There was food, tons of sweets, multiple photo booths with props, caricature artists, flip book style photo booths, and the most expansive foosball table I’ve ever seen! Everyone looked like they were having an incredible time and it was touching getting to see these brave survivors taking a night off from their worries and getting to be kids.

This event certainly ranks high in my list of memorable troops. Too bad they can’t have a Star Wars theme every year – although I did hear that the theme of next year’s prom is The Avengers, so I’m betting that will be pretty epic too!

CBS News 8 – San Diego, CA News Station – KFMB Channel 8

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